3 Signs You May Require Surgery for Knee Pain | Charleston, SC

If you’re experiencing pain or trouble with your knees, continue reading to learn some of the more common signs you could indicate you might require knee surgery.

3 Signs You May Require Knee Surgery

Chronic or Delayed Pain

Pain to an injury site for some time after the injury occurred is to be expected. However, if the pain becomes chronic or begins to act up some time after physical activity has stopped, this could be a sign of a worsening or underlying condition which could require physical therapy or surgery. Share this concern with your healthcare specialist to see if continued physical therapy would be recommended or if it is time to pursue surgical measures. 

Simple Tasks Become Difficult

Many times, knee pain is written off as an inevitable sign of aging. You’d be surprised by how many patients simply decide to coexist with knee pain and step away from activities they’ve long enjoyed. 

It is important to note that any change to your lifestyle warrants cause for concern. If knee pain is hindering your ability to enjoy your favorite activities or inhibiting your lifestyle in any way, consult with a pain specialist right away. Pain that is left untreated could lead to further injury or joint damage, not to mention negatively affect your quality of life. Don’t wait until your ability to do simple tasks such as walking or climbing a flight of stairs is impaired to seek out treatment. 

Your Knee Feels Unstable

Another indicator that your knee may require surgery is a feeling of instability. This feeling is often described as your knee seizing, catching, or buckling when doing physical activity. 

If you feel as though you cannot trust your knees when performing a physical activity, it is time to talk with your healthcare provider to ensure the problem is rectified before further injury can occur. After a physical examination, you may be referred to physical therapy for strength training or to a surgeon to discuss more invasive options for treatment. 

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Don’t allow knee pain or instability to further hinder your quality of life. At South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, our surgeons specialize in a number of surgical treatments for knee injuries in Charleston, SC. Contact us or request an appointment today so we can help you find the best course of treatment for your knee injury. 

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