Get Back to the Activities Your Love With Robotic Knee Surgery

If chronic knee pain or an injury keeps you from enjoying the activities you love, we want to introduce you to a procedure that can change everything. Robotic knee surgery, also known as robotic knee replacement, is a surgical procedure that uses advanced robotic techniques to ensure precision and accuracy during surgery. We use these techniques to perform both partial and total knee replacement surgeries.

The Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

This procedure is different from traditional knee replacement surgery because it employs a robotic device to assist with the procedure. Robotic surgery offers many advantages for those who need a knee replacement, including enhanced surgical planning and customization, increased precision during the procedure, options that promote keeping the ligaments intact, an overall better outcome, shorter recovery period, and better results.

If you are a good candidate for traditional partial or full knee replacement surgery, then chances are you will also be a good candidate for this unique procedure. The following symptoms and conditions indicate patients may make good candidates for this procedure:

  • Complex joint disease
  • Knee pain while active or resting, or both
  • Swelling that doesn’t subside with medication
  • Visible bowing of the leg
  • Post-injury femur deformities
  • Complex degeneration

We utilize different robotic techniques during surgery, including Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted technology. We evaluate each patient’s condition and then customize each procedure accordingly.

If you need to undergo total or partial knee replacement surgery and want the best possible outcome, our team will create a customized robotic surgical plan that helps restore function to your knee so you can get back to the things you love, pain-free. Contact us today at South Carolina Sports Medicine to learn more.

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