Knee Fracture

Knee fractures are cracks or breaks in the bones within the knee joint. They are also called patellar fractures and can vary in severity At South Carolina Sports Medicine in Charleston, SC, our Orthopaedic doctors are experienced in building treatment plans for knee fractures.

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Knee Fracture Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of a knee fracture?

Common symptoms of a knee fracture include:

  • Pain in the kneecap
  • Pain when moving the knee
  • Swelling or bruising around the knee
  • Difficulty straightening the leg and raising it
  • Difficulty walking

What are the common causes of a knee fracture?

Knee fractures are very common injuries and often occur from high impact trauma to the kneecap. If someone calls on the leg wrong or is involved in an accident, such as a car crash. If someone suffers from osteoporosis, a knee fracture can occur when he or she trips or steps in the wrong way.

How do you treat a knee fracture?

Given the varying severity levels of a knee fracture, treatment options also vary. You’ll want to consult a specialist to help build a customized treatment plan. For severe knee fractures, surgery may be necessary, followed by a recovery period and physical therapy. For less severe knee fractures, you can consider nonsurgical treatment options like a cast or splint.

Is surgery really needed?

If the knee fracture is severe, surgery is the best option to getting you up and walking pain-free again. However, less severe knee fractures can often be treated without surgery.


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