Ask a Joint Pain Replacement Specialist in Charleston, SC: Joint Pain FAQ

Experiencing ankle, knee, or finger joint pain or hip joint deterioration in Charleston, SC? Joint pain is a common issue, but a joint pain replacement specialist in Charleston, SC, can help with joint replacement in Charleston, SC. Read the FAQ for more information on joint pain and joint replacement surgery in Charleston, SC.

What Are Common Causes of Ankle, Knee, or Finger Joint Pain in Charleston, SC?

Joints are meant to allow the bones of our body to move without causing friction on one another, but over time, physically demanding or repetitive actions can cause wear and tear on those joints. For finger pain, repetitive action like typing or writing is one potential cause, while heavy lifting can often lead to knee or ankle joint pain over time.

What Leads to Hip Joint Deterioration in Charleston, SC?

Like other types of joints, hip joint pain is often caused by repetitive actions that put a strain on this joint. Even lying on one’s side for long periods or sitting in awkward positions can cause deterioration of the hip joint. Past injuries to the hip can also weaken the joint and lead to long-term pain.

How Can Joint Replacement Surgery in Charleston, SC Help?

Joint replacement surgery can relieve the patient’s pain to improve their quality of life. Once the process is complete, you’ll be back to enjoying a full range of motion from the affected joints. This lets you get back to doing the things you love without letting the pain get in the way of your plans.

What Is the Recovery from Joint Replacement in Charleston, SC Like?

The average recovery period from joint replacement surgery is around six months. However, new surgical techniques have significantly shortened the required recovery time. Robotic surgery provides much more targeted results, treating the joints where the pain occurs with minimal damage to the surrounding area, making recovery quick and easy.

Our experts are standing by to help you get relief from pain so you can enjoy the quality of life you did before the joint pain began. Request an appointment with South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center today for more information on how we can help you.

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