Explore New Types Of Hip Replacement

There are many different types of available hip surgery in Charleston, SC. Understanding their differences can help you decide which procedure would be best to enjoy a higher quality of life. We’ve summarized the hip replacement types for your reference below. 

Your doctor may suggest hip replacement surgery or further surgical intervention if you have acute or chronic hip pain, limited mobility, or a level of pain that interferes with your daily function or sleep cycle.

Total Hip Replacement 

For those experiencing arthritic hip pain or limited mobility, total hip replacement can be very effective. The main benefits of this procedure include enhanced strength and mobility (even if the patient had little to no mobility previously), long-lasting results, and a higher overall quality of life. The main difference between a total and a primary replacement is in what’s being replaced.  For a primary procedure, only the joints are changed for new ones. A total hip replacement goes a step further, removing damaged bone and pieces of cartilage during the surgery. 

Primary Hip Replacement 

Primary hip replacement can be used for the same benefit that a patient would get from total hip replacements, enhancing mobility and overall functionality. By replacing only the affected joints, patients could expect a shorter recovery time and less postoperative pain than a total hip replacement would offer. For those looking for primary hip replacement in Charleston, SC, our doctors are ready to answer your questions about the procedure.

Complex Hip Surgery

A hip surgery may be considered or classified as “complex” when there are different levels of compromisation in the bone. Among the most common of these conditions includes dysplastic or ankylosed hip compromisation, protrusio acetabuli, or friability from past fracture or injury. 

Minimally-Invasive Hip Surgery 

Many of today’s hip surgeries may be done using minimally-invasive technology or tools. This can include smaller incisions placed at more strategic locations, or the use of laparoscopic tools to cause less physical disturbance. You can ask your hip replacement surgeon in Charleston, SC, if you are a candidate for minimally-invasive procedures. 

Considering Hip Surgery In Charleston, SC? 

If you’re experiencing significant pain or limited mobility, you aren’t alone. The experts at SCS Sports Medicine are here to help. For more information and to book a consultation with your local hip doctor in Charleston, SC, please visit our website. We look forward to assisting you. 


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