Hip Arthroplasty vs Hip Arthroscopy in Charleston, SC

Pain, inflammation, and hip joint damage can interfere with your quality of life, mobility, and health. If you suffer from hip pain that hasn’t responded to traditional treatments, you may be a good candidate for surgical hip repair in Charleston, SC. Different procedures can address hip pain, joint damage, and inflammation. When you visit a hip replacement surgeon in Charleston, SC, you can get more details about the procedure that’s right for you.

The Differences Between Hip Arthroplasty and Hip Arthroscopy in Charleston, SC

Hip arthroplasty and hip arthroscopy may sound similar, but they are very different procedures. Hip arthroplasty is another word for hip replacement surgery and is a procedure that replaces the entire damaged hip joint or joints with a synthetic replica. Patients who qualify for hip replacement surgery typically are those who suffer from pain that interferes with daily life, affects mobility, and prevents them from functioning normally. 

Severe joint damage often necessitates hip replacement surgery. Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that can pinpoint and repair the primary issue causing hip pain and make repairs using a camera called an arthroscope and other surgical tools. This surgery requires general anesthesia, and patients can usually return home the same day without having to plan for an overnight stay.

The Benefits of Undergoing Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy in Charleston, SC, can meet the needs of patients with hip pain due to arthritis, an accident, an injury, or another condition that doesn’t require total hip replacement surgery. It has many benefits and requires less anesthesia. During the minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon will only need to make two to three small one-half-inch incisions. 

Patients can expect minimal discomfort and scarring and a quick recovery. Patients who undergo this procedure will only need crutches for two to four weeks maximum and can resume their normal range of activities within two to four months post-op.

Who Is a Candidate for Hip Arthroscopy?

Patients with hip pain and specific symptoms may be good candidates for hip arthroscopy. This minimally invasive procedure can delay or prevent the need for total hip replacement surgery, prevent hip arthritis, repair hip injuries, treat hip dysplasia, resolve a hip infection, treat synovitis and snapping hips syndrome, treat hip impingement, remove bone chips or loose cartilage, and treat pain and tissue damage.

Determining Your Treatment Eligibility

The best way to determine whether you are a good candidate for hip arthroscopy or hip replacement surgery is by scheduling an initial consultation with an experienced hip replacement surgeon in Charleston, SC. 

During this consultation, the surgeon may perform a physical exam, ask you more about your symptoms, medical history, and treatment goals, diagnose the cause and source of your pain, and proceed with a treatment plan to alleviate it and restore your mobility and quality of life. You can also use this consultation to ask questions about hip repair in Charleston, SC, and determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

If hip pain interferes with your quality of life, you may be the perfect candidate for hip arthroscopy or hip replacement surgery to restore your quality of life. We can give you more details about these procedures and confirm your eligibility. Request an appointment at South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center to learn more.

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