When Is It Time to Consider Knee Replacement in Charleston, SC?

Dealing with constant knee pain in Charleston, SC and wondering how you can get relief? Seeking out knee replacement in Charleston, SC may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Read on to learn the signs that it might be time for knee replacement, as well as information on the process of knee replacement recovery in Charleston, SC and where you can find a knee surgeon to assist you.

Are You Experiencing Constant Knee Pain in Charleston, SC?

The primary sign that you should consider knee replacement is if you’re experiencing persistent or recurring pain that doesn’t go away with non-surgical treatments. This persistent pain can often have a drastically negative impact on your quality of life. You may also notice swelling or deformity in your knee as another clear sign of the severity of your issue.

Another way you might realize that it’s time for a knee replacement is by considering how badly the pain is affecting your life. Are you unable to sleep through the night due to the persistent pain keeping you up? Do you find you’re unable to do the things you would normally want to do in your day-to-day routine? These could be signs that it’s time to consider knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Recovery in Charleston, SC

One thing that may put people off from seeking knee replacement is the fear of a lengthy recovery process. However, the good news is that recent developments have made this procedure much easier to recover from. Robotic knee surgery provides much more precise results than older versions of this procedure. This helps to shorten your recovery outlook so you can get back to your usual routine that much sooner.

Find a Knee Surgeon Today

When non-surgical alternatives aren’t enough, trust our experts to provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for. We’re standing by to help you develop a treatment plan for your knee pain that is personalized to suit your needs. Make an appointment with South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center today to get started on the path to recovery.

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