Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery can improve pain and motion in shoulders that have been affected by severe arthritis, massive rotator cuff tears, or even debilitating fractures. A total shoulder replacement, also called total shoulder arthroplasty, can improve overall function and help patients more comfortably perform activities for daily living. In most cases, their ability to participate in certain sports and hobbies improves as well.

What to Expect After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder girdle consists of 3 bones and 4 joints/articulations. 1 of these joints is the glenohumeral, or ball-and-socket joint. In conventional total shoulder replacements, the ball typically gets replaced with a metal rounded surface attached to a stem. The socket gets a new smooth plastic surface. Conventional shoulder replacements are typically performed for shoulders with bad arthritis but with a normal functioning rotator cuff.

If the rotator cuff is torn and arthritis is present, your surgeon may recommend a reverse total shoulder replacement. This involves attaching a metal ball to the socket and turning the arthritic ball into a plastic socket attached to a stem.

Most shoulder replacements can be done without an overnight hospital stay. The majority of our patients go home pain-free 1-2 hours after the procedure with a special nerve block called an interscalene block. In some cases, physical therapy will be arranged, but not all patients will require it. We typically encourage patients to use their elbows, wrists, and hands as soon as possible.

In most cases, showering the day of surgery may be possible. Your surgeon will let you know when you can safely shower. Studies have shown that pain relief, motion, and strength can all improve for up to 5 years after the procedure, but most patients notice these improvements within the first few months.

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