The Importance of Strength & Fitness Training

Strength training programs can be beneficial for improving fitness, health and general well being. This remains true for men, women, youth and older adults. A well devised training program can improve athletic performance and help reduce risk of injury. However, poor technique, excessive resistance, and/or overuse can lead to problems. The proper design of one’s training regimen and the correct use of exercise equipment remains essential.

By adhering to general principles, one can reduce the risk of injury with strength training. For instance, resistance should be increased only very gradually. Resistance increases should never compromise one’s ability to execute proper technique. Exercises should be completed through full ranges of motion. Adequate rest periods should be allowed. In addition, one should incorporate a warm-up program and stretching/flexibility exercises within the routine.

Remember that since strength training is anaerobic, one’s aerobic capacity or endurance will likely be minimally influenced. In order to have a more effective overall fitness program, one should incorporate aerobic or cardiac conditioning exercises as well.

One should use resources available to be well informed, well trained and should always exercise good judgement. Done properly, fitness and strength training will help avoid injury and may ultimately improve one’s athleticism, health and longevity.

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