Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems can be debilitating, whether they’re linked to unspecified chronic pain or a sports-related injury. That’s why the professionals at South Carolina Sports Medicine are here to help. When you schedule a consultation with our Orthopaedic physicians, we provide the comprehensive care you need. We offer specialized treatment options to confront and treat your shoulder issue and prevent other shoulder problems from arising in the future.

Get Specialized Care for Shoulder Pain and Injury

Shoulder pain or injury can come from a variety of sources, whether you’ve dealt with arthritis for years or your shoulder was dislocated during a football game. At our specialized facility in Charleston, SC, our physicians are trained to treat problems on a case by case basis. We’ll work with you to personalize a treatment plan that eliminates your shoulder pain and helps you regain full motion. We offer medical procedures to treat:

Post-surgery, you can also work with our rehabilitation team to get things moving again. We’ll help you recover so you can get back to throwing around the football, doing push-ups at the gym, and more. Learn more about our sports medicine treatments now.

Schedule an Appointment with a Shoulder Pain Specialist

The specialists at South Carolina Sports Medicine are prepared to perform the necessary treatments to help with your shoulder problems. Call us at (843) 572-2663 to learn more or request a shoulder appointment today.

Request an appointment with the professionals at South Carolina Sports Medicine if you’re experiencing pain or are dealing with an injury. Call our facility at (843) 572-2663 for more information about our services.
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