Are You Eligible for MAKO Robotic Surgery?

For individuals facing limitations due to hip conditions like osteoarthritis or traumatic arthritis, MAKO robotic surgery in Charleston, SC, is a potential game-changer. This technology is for patients who have reached the boundary of what traditional, less invasive therapies can provide. It’s particularly advantageous for patients requiring complex surgical intervention, like hip surgery in Charleston, SC, where precision is paramount.

What Is MAKO Robotic Surgery?

MAKO robotic surgery is a remarkable leap forward in the field of joint replacement, offering unprecedented precision and customization in surgical procedures. This advanced technology heralds a new era in medical treatment.

This type of robotic hip surgery in Charleston, SC, employs 3D modeling to tailor each surgery to the patient’s specific anatomy, leading to a perfect fit and alignment of the implant. This can significantly enhance outcomes, often leading to less invasive procedures, minimized pain, and a quicker return to normal activities.

Eligibility Criteria for MAKO Robotic Surgery

As with any procedure, not everyone is a candidate for MAKO robotic surgery. Ideal candidates typically suffer from degenerative joint diseases and have not responded to other treatments, such as medications or physical therapy.

The procedure is also well-suited for individuals who require a precise surgical approach due to the complexity of their condition.

Benefits of MAKO Robotic-Assisted Surgery

The tangible benefits of MAKO robotic-assisted surgery extend to more than just the surgical outcomes. The meticulous implant placement tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy gives a more natural joint feeling and improves the longevity of the implant itself.

Moreover, the enhanced precision offered by robotic surgery may reduce trauma to the surrounding tissues, contributing to potentially shorter hospital stays and a swifter return to daily life.

Discussing Your Options with Our Specialists

To determine if you’re eligible for MAKO robotic surgery, a detailed medical evaluation by a specialist is essential. We can help you assess your condition, medical history, and overall health to ensure this approach suits you.

About Surgery

Preparation for surgery is patient-centric, starting with a CT scan to create a personalized 3D model of the patient’s hip joint. This sets the stage for a surgery that is fine-tuned to the individual’s unique physiology.

Post-surgery, patients can generally anticipate a more rapid recovery than traditional methods, thanks to the precision of the robotic assistance. Physical therapy plays an integral role in this phase, helping patients to rebuild strength, restore mobility, and accelerate their return to an active lifestyle.

If you’re in Charleston or North Charleston, SC, and struggling with hip pain, MAKO robotic surgery could be your path to relief. For a personalized consultation and to explore your surgical options, request an appointment with our South Carolina Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic specialists. Embrace the future of joint replacement today.

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